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Gupshup SMS

Unique Identifier

Each provider is identified by a unique identifier. Unique identifier of Gupshup SMS provider is gupshup_sms

Enabling Gupshup provider

To enable Gupshup provider, login to your Engagespot dashboard, goto Channels -> SMS and enable Gupshup. The following details are required from your Gupshup account.

USER_IDUSER ID of your Gupshup account.Yes
PASSWORDThe password used to log on to the Enterprise SMS Gupshup dashboard.Yes
SENDERSender id to be sent with the SMS. It has to be preconfigured 6 characters alphabetical sender id for the enterprise account.Yes
DLT_PRINCIPAL_ENTITY_IDThe Entity ID registered with the DLT platform. Every entity has to register themselves on operators DLT portal to send messages.Only for India

User Profile Requirement

Gupshup SMS Provider uses the phoneNumber property in your User's profile. That means, you should update the phoneNumber property in your User's profile. The phoneNumber should have country code without any spaces or special characters. Example +919988776655 is a valid number whereas (457)-746-846 is an invalid number.

To learn how to update your user's phone number in Engagespot, read our REST API or SDK documentation of your language of choice.

Overriding Gupshup Configuration and notification data via API

Gupshup provider allows you to override all the above configurations and data while sending a notification through Engagespot API, using the endpoint.

To override the configurations, you must supply them via override.gushup_sms parameter of the above API. Within the override parameter, you can supply any object that we'll directly pass to Gupshup SMS API Body See doc.