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What are Channels?

Simply, channel is a medium through which your notification will be delivered to your user. For example - Email, Push, SMS etc are different channels.

Engagespot believe that, a good product notification system should have a multi-channel strategy. Users assume different priority to Notifications coming through different channels. For example, if somebody messaged you in WhatsApp, you must be notified via a push notification on your mobile, not through email message.

A Product manager should always aim to build a smart multi-channel notification delivery system in their product to provide an awesome experience to their users.

Engagespot helps you add the following notifications channels to your product quickly without having to deploy your engineering team for months.

Web PushwebPush
Mobile PushmobilePush

You will have to use the channel identifier value in many APIs across this doc.


In-App notification is the best to notify your users within the application. Almost all popular products like Facebook, LinkedIn, Trello, Jira etc have an in-app notification inbox. The advantage is that your users can see all their notifications in one place!

Engagespot providers realtime in-app notifications for web apps (Mobile app coming soon), along with a pre-built but heavily customizable ReactJS component library. Use it to embed a notification inbox inside your product with minimal coding!

Web Push

To notify your users who are not currently using your web app, you should use web push. It delivers notification to your user's desktop / mobile device even if they donot have your website open in their browser! Engagespot supports inbuilt web push provider with zero config.


Without doubt, email is still an important channel for communicating with your users. Engagespot supports three email providers to help you add this channel to your product notification strategy!

Mobile Push

With Engagespot, you can send push notifications to iOS and Android apps through Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)


Coming Soon