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Advanced Setup

Now you've learned how to setup Notification UI Kit in Javascript apps, initialize Engagespot in Android & iOS apps, and to send notifications programatically from your backend code using our REST API.

Now you can read other chapters to make use of all functionalities provided by the Engagespot platform. Here are few chapters that you can read.

  1. Using Javascript Core SDK to build a full-fledged notification system

  2. Understanding Notifications & Categories

  3. Building a notification preference center in your app using REST API

  4. Enabling and configuring other channels such as Web Push, Email


If you need help in setting up Engagespot or understanding the concepts, we're always happy to help. Connect with us through any of the following channels.

  1. Initiate a chat with our support team using the live chat widget (available on bottom right side)
  2. Join our Discord Server.
  3. Send us an email at [email protected]