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Using Javascript UI Kit

If you're using Vanilla JS or any other libraries, you can use the Engagespot browser Javascript library to add a notification UI kit.


If you're using React, please use Engagespot React Component instead.

Quick Setup

You can add Engagespot to your Javascript app from our CDN or by importing our npm package.

npm i @engagespot/client

Alternatively, you can paste this code just above the closing </body> tag of your HTML app.


Now, render the Notification Inbox inside any HTML element in your app. In this example, we will render the bell icon to a bellIconPlaceholder element which I've created in my app.

<div id="bellIconPlaceholder">
<!-- This is where we will render our Notification Inbox component -->

Engagespot.render('#bellIcon', {
userId: '',
theme: {}, //Theme Object to Customize the look and feel of the notification inbox.

This example is hosted in Codesandbox. View

Customizing Theme

You can customize the look and feel of the Engagespot Notification Inbox using the theme property. All the customization options mentioned in React Component are available in this library too.

Optional initialization props

You can pass through optional props to the render() function.

Engagespot.render(selectorString, props: EngagespotProps)
interface EngagespotProps {
theme?: ThemeOverrides;
panelOpenByDefault?: boolean;
panelOnly?: boolean;
feedItemPlaceholderImage?: string;
hideNotificationAvatar?: boolean;
hideJumpToTop?: boolean;
headerText?: string;
renderFooterContent?: customRenderFn;
renderNotificationIcon?: customRenderFn;
renderEmptyPlaceholderImage?: customRenderFn;
renderNotificationContent?: customRenderFn<customNotificationContentType>;
renderNotificationBody?: customRenderFn<customNotificationContentType>;
onFeedItemClick?: (evt, payload: ClickableNotificationPayload) => void;
headerDropdownItems?: DropdownMenuProps['items'];


Callback function passed to this property will be invoked whenever a notification is clicked.

Example usage

Engagespot.render('#bellIcon', {
userId: 'unique-id-of-user',
onFeedItemClick: (evt ,payload) => {
console.log("A notification was clicked, and the payload is", payload)