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Error Codes

This chapter lists all common error codes that you might encounter using our SDKs or APIs, their messages, reasons and possible fixes.

Error codeMessageReasonPossible Fix
ES1000You must pass an options object when you instantiate Engagespot.You're not passing the options object in new Engagespot() Constructor.Pass options object
ES1001You must pass userId when you instantiate Engagespot.You're not passing a userId to new Engagespot() constructor.Pass userId inside options object.
ES1003 (also ES1004)Service worker registration failedYou haven't created service-worker.js file in your web app root folderEither you must disable web push channel from Engagespot dashboard, or create a service-worker.js file with necessary configuration as mentioned in the docs
ES1005A service worker must be registered before push can be subscribedYou're calling getWebPushSubscription() of Javascript Core without registering a service worker.Make sure your service worker is registered properly.
ES1006Failed to register push notification with Engagespot serverRegistering with Engagespot server failed for some reasonProbably nothing you can do. Please contact [email protected]
ES1007You must pass your API key when you instantiate EngagespotYou have not passed your API Key to new Engagespot() constructor.Pass APIKey to Engagespot constructor.